Who We Are

Peter Daniels, President

Peter DanielsMr. Daniels has been active in real estate development for the past 25 years, primarily through the Daniels Capital Group, a private investment group in the Greater Toronto Area. Prior to his career in real estate, Mr. Daniels attended the University of Toronto and Cornell Univeristy.

Mr. Daniels maintains significant ownership in a portfolio of industrial, commercial and retirement properties. He is a Board Member of Erin Mills Development Corporation, developer of the largest planned community in Ontario.


Bob Daniels, Vice President

Bob DanielsMr. Daniels’ 35 year career has focused on the development and acquisition of over $1.4 billion of residential, commercial, industrial, real estate and renewable energy projects in Canada. This includes Ontario’s first multi-unit R-2000 super energy efficient community.

Mr. Daniels is a former Director of the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association and Urban Development Institute. He is a graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.